August 26, 2014 Voter Recommendations

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Tampa Bay voters! There is an election on August 26th; see our voting recommendations below:

Pinellas County Commission, Official Recommendations:
District 2: Norm Roche
District 4: Macho Liberti
District 6: Tom Rask
See our explanation on these races here:

For Florida House and Senate races, we released the results of our questionnaire from the candidates that responded:

More (Unofficial) Voter Recommendations:
Group 1: Susan St. John
Group 2: Ken Lark
Group 16: Brian Battaglia
Group 21: Amanda Colon
Group 35: Jon Newlon

“No” on the Pinellas County Referendum Question.

Pasco County Commission:
District 2: Ken Littlefield
District 4: Henry Wilson

Hillsborough County Commission:
District 2: Victor Crist
District 4: Stacy White
District 5: Ken Hagan
District 7: Al Higginbotham

Pinellas County School Board:
District 2: Chris Tauchnitz
District 3: Peggy O’Shea
District 4: Beverly Billiris
District 6: Maureen Ahern

Hillsborough County School Board:
District 2: Michael Weston
District 4: Terry Kemple
District 6: Alison McGillivray Fernandez
Finally, please consider a donation to the RLC of Tampa Bay so we can continue our efforts to restore Liberty in the Tampa Bay area: #ThankYou!

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