Voter Guide: Pasco County August 2018 Republican Primary

 In Pasco County, Voter Guide

Pasco County voters: there is an election on August 28th. Mail-in ballots have already been sent. You can check your voter registration at

In every race, we try to select the candidate most likely to represent the conservative, Constitutionalist, limited-government grassroots. Our voting recommendations are below:

United States Senator

  • Rick Scott over Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente

Representative In Congress, District 15

  • Ross Spano over Neil Combee, Sean Harper, Danny Kushmer and Ed Shoemaker

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

  • Bob White  (Alternate: Ron DeSantis)

Attorney General

  • Frank White over Ashley Moody

Commissioner of Agriculture

  • Matt Caldwell over Denise Grimsley, Mike McCalister and Baxter Troutman

State Senator District 16

  • Ed Hooper over Leo Karruli

State Senator District 20

  • Tom Lee over John Houman

State Representative, District 37

  • Ardian Zika over Ryan Patrick Boney and Elle Rudisill

Circuit Judge, 6th Circuit, Group 4

  • Dustin Anderson over Dave Ellis and Roxanne Fixsen

Circuit Judge, 6th Circuit, Group 9

  • Christine Helinger over Claudia Elizabeth Blackwell

Circuit Judge, 6th Circuit, Group 36

  • Doneene D. Loar over Donald McBath

Circuit Judge, 6th Circuit, Group 40

  • Thomas H. “Tommy” Minkoff over Mike Trentalange

Circuit Judge, 6th Circuit, Group 45

  • Evan Frayman over Rebecca Hamilton

County Judge Group 7

  • No recommendation (Kent Compton, Jeremiah Hawkes)

School Board Member District 1

  • Allen Altman over Kenneth J. Mathis and Brian Staver

School Board Member District 3

  • Heide Janshon over Cynthia Armstrong and Meghan E. Hamer

School Board Member District 5

  • Megan Harding over Mike Aday, Kassie Hutchinson and Tara M. O’Connor

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In Liberty,

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