Voter Guide: Pinellas County August 30th Republican Primary

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If you’re looking for the 2018 Primary Voter Guide, click here.

Pinellas County voters: there is an election on August 30th. Mail-in ballots have already been sent. You can check your voter registration at

In every race, we try to select the candidate most likely to represent the conservative, Constitutionalist, limited-government grassroots. Our voting recommendations are below:

Representative In Congress, District 13

  • Mark Bircher over David W. Jolly

Property Appraiser

  • Mike Twitty over James C. “Jim” Frishe

State Committeeman

  • Daniel Thomas Tucker over Jay John Beyrouti

State Committeewoman

  • Morna P. Kelly over Nancy J. Riley (More Info)

Precinct Committeeman Precinct 140

  • David McKalip over Thomas R. Brew, Sr., Matt Lettelleir, Ryan Lettelleir, Douglas Myhre and James Porter

County Judge Group 8

  • Dora Komninos over Curtis “CK” Korsko

County Judge Group 9

  • Myriam Irizarry over Dwight Dudley

NO. 4 Constitutional Amendment Article VII, Sections 3 AND 4; Article XII, Section 3

  • Yes

United States Senator

  • No Recommendation.

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