Candidates from across the Tampa Bay area were asked to complete our 2014 Legislative Candidate Questionnaire. Below are the responses for the candidates from Florida Senate District 20.

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Tony Caso (Libertarian) – Responded, Thank you! | 727-786-7868

Zahid Roy (Republican) – Responded, Thank you! | 727-953-5451

Jack Latvala (Republican) – Did not respond. | 727-545-9566

Economic Issues & Taxes

1. What do you propose or support to increase economic prosperity within the State of Florida?

Caso:  The only way for businesses to succeed is for government to get out of the way. To start with we need to remove the rules, regulations and fees that are hindering all businesses.

Roy:  I will support less regulation for small to medium size businesses. I will introduce a bill which will put a limit on the number of part-time employees. It will increase full time jobs in our state. Also, part-time employees must be on a fixed schedule, so the person could have another job or could stay in school.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

2. Excessive regulations can hamper small business growth. Which specific regulations, if any, would you repeal?

Caso:  Pretty much all of them. Each business is governed by specific regulations related to each industry. All of which are hurting small business. The government has to stop picking winners and losers, so we have a fair chance. Things like tax breaks for big business and having small business pick up the difference. Continuing education, excessive osha and epa regulations, carbon footprint regs, unfair licensing requirements. Let the free market regulate business they do a better job.

Roy:  Excessive regulations are job killing and wasting taxpayer dollars. And there are so many regulations which may need to be rolled back. For example: 6Hs (HHHHHH) adapted by Department of Environmental Protection agency.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

3. The Florida Legislature passed a $77 billion budget in 2014, the largest in history, and the trend line indicates we will see another record next year. (A) Do you consider this to be a problem, and if so, (B) what specific actions would you recommend taking in order to better steward taxpayer dollars?

Caso:  (a)   Yes this is a problem. (b) The first thing would be to shrink the size of government, get rid of all the excess bureaucracies. Then stop the wasteful spending of taxpayer money. Government has a limited function to preform, they are not there to support trains, sport stadiums, tourist attractions, foreign business, etc. The other part of this is stop throwing money at a problem, fix the problem. I woul be happy to discuss this further rather than writing something too long to read.

Roy:  A. Once I’m in an office I would like to review the budget and cut down the government wasteful spending. B. close down the loopholes on closed biding!

Latvala:  Did not respond.

4. Would you support legislation that would refund the $1.5 billion taxpayers’ investment in the now-cancelled Levy County Nuclear Power Plant? Why or why not?

Caso:  Yes. That was implemented by the PSC, which gave power companies the ability to decide their own rate increases and to use taxpayer funding for their future projects. The PSC members are all appointed to their positions, it’s time they should be elected so they will be accountable to the people.

Roy:  The consumers pay into it and it’s their money. So, they should get it back!

Latvala:  Did not respond.


5. Do you support a repeal of Common Core State Standards (now rebranded to “Florida Standards”) in Florida? If not, what changes, if any, would you propose or support?

Caso:  I support full repeal.

Roy:  I do support a repeal of Common Core.

Latvala:  Did not respond.


6. Do you support offshore drilling in Florida waters?

Caso:  Yes. Not only oil but for natural gas.

Roy:  Yes, not only offshore also inland for Natural Gas, because it’s clean energy.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

Civil Liberties

7. Would you support legislation in Florida that nullified the NSA’s ability to perform warrantless surveillance of Floridians?

Caso:  Yes!!!!

Roy:  Yes.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

8. A bill was filed in the Senate in 2013 (SB 846: Search and Seizure of a Portable Electronic Device) that would have required that a search warrant be issued before a search of someone’s mobile device was permitted. Would you vote in support of this bill? Why or why not?

Caso:  Yes, No searches of any kind should be done without a warrant. It is our 4th amendment right to be secure in our person, papers and things.

Roy:  Yes I do support this Bill. Why? Because today’s portable electronic devices carry enough personal information that should require a search warrant.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

9. Do you support a repeal of red light cameras in Florida? Why or why not?

Caso:  Yes, repeal redlight cameras, and while they are at it the facial recognition cameras too.

Roy:  Yes, or state need to follow federal guidelines of the yellow light timing and post an alert sign before entering every intersection.

Latvala:  Did not respond.


10. Should all drug offenders, even non-violent and first-time offenders receive mandatory sentences? Would you suggest policies other than incarceration to deal with drug use?

Caso:  No. Certain drug possession needs to be decriminalized. Other drug addiction problems are because of prescription drugs in which incarceration will not stop the problem. Addicts need help to get rid of their addiction, but on the other hand if they commit a crime to feed their addiction they must be held accountable.

Roy:  In my opinion, drug abuse should be a civil penalty first three times and by the third offense, it should be a mandatory Rehabilitation. After Rehabilitation if a person continues to use drugs may be charge with a crime. Why do I think it should be a civil penalty? Because it hurting our work force by giving everyone a criminal record and we are destroying our children feature over miner offense when we need to be helping then and educating them about the drugs abuse. When comes to drugs dealers, we should have tougher sentences.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

11. Do you support the legalization of medical marijuana as proposed by the United for Care Amendment? Why or why not?

Caso:  Yes, because it has been proven to help people with some horrible diseases, such as Cancer, Parkinson’s, Tiretz, and a host of others.

Roy:  Yes. But must be controlled and regulated properly.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

12. Do you support drug testing of welfare recipients? Why or why not?

Caso:  Yes, welfare is supposed to be a temporary measure to help people in need. It has become a way of life for many. Many people on welfare use that money to support their habit, instead of feeding their family. That is not what taxpayer dollars is to be used for.

Roy:  No I don’t. But I do support suspension of receiving welfare after a felony.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

The US Constitution

13. Do you support a state’s right to nullify federal law, as many have already done for example by legalizing medical marijuana, or blocking implementation of the Affordable Care Act?

Caso:  YES!

Roy:  Yes. Every State does have this right to do so under the Tenth Amendment.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

14. Would you have voted for Florida HB 209 – “Carrying Concealed Weapon or Concealed Firearm”, which would have granted an exception from criminal penalties for carrying a concealed weapon or a concealed firearm when evacuating? Why or why not?

Caso:  YES! First of all in an emergency situation that is when you really need to protect yourself and family. Second, remember what happened in Louisiana during Katrina. Do you really want to leave your weapons home, unprotected for looters, I hope not.

Roy:  I will support an open carry, so there is no need for concealed permit in any evacuation.

Latvala:  Did not respond.


15. There is no argument that health care costs are completely disconnected from a person’s ability to pay. What do you propose or support to help reduce the cost of health care services in Florida?

Caso:  Let the free market handle it. Allow the purchase of healthcare insurance across state lines, make all policies Ala-Carte, so people can chose what works for them and are able to control the costs. Allow health savings accounts without penalties.

Roy:  More cash clinics to compete in open market. A competition brings the price down.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

16. Would you vote in favor of Florida accepting the federal funds set aside for Medicaid Expansion? Why or why not?

Caso:  No, Federal Medicaid expansion is just 1 step closer to a single payer plan. It is only good for 3 years than the state has to pick up all the costs, that means you and I will be paying for it. More redistribution of wealth.

Roy:  No. Federal funding comes with a federal control over healthcare and comes between a patient and his Doctor.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

Government Fairness and Transparency

17. What are your thoughts on legislation that gives a competitive advantage to a specific company or industry?

Caso:  Absolutely against it.

Roy:  No comments at this time. I will look into it if I do get elected.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

18. In several recent studies, Florida has been found to be in either the top 10 or the top 5 most corrupt states in the nation. What do you propose or support to help reduce corruption in Florida?

Caso:  Stop the big lobby, and special interest money. Make the IG office more independent and get honorable people into that office. Every department has an IG, now we need to allow them to do their job.

Roy:  Bring more transparency to the Legislative Branch.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

19. Currently, millions of dollars in campaign contributions filter through political committees that are controlled by legislative leaders. (A) Do you consider this a problem, and if so, (B) what, if anything, would you suggest be done about it?

Caso:  Yes it is a very big problem. We need major campaign financing reform. All candidate should have the same amount of money to spend. Some will use it wisely, some will waste it, but it would put everyone on an even playing field.

Roy:  Just don’t elect a person who selling you out.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

20. In February 2013, Watchdog group Integrity Florida reported[1] that Enterprise Florida has failed to meet its job creation objective, lacks transparency, has the appearance of pay-to-play, is engaged in apparent conflicts of interest, and is picking winners and losers in the Florida economy by demonstrating state government favoritism to certain companies and industries. Would you support an Inspector General investigation into Enterprise Florida and legislation to take corrective actions?

Caso:  Yes!

Roy:  Yes I would.

Latvala:  Did not respond.

Any additional comments or thoughts:

Caso:  Vote for Tony Caso for State Senate District 20

Roy:  Remember, change wouldn’t happen, unless you make it happen!

Latvala:  Did not respond.

[1] Ben Wilcox and Dan Krassner: “Enterprise Florida: Economic Development or Corporate Welfare?”

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