David Jolly, Vern Buchanan Vote to Fund Obama’s Immigration Plan

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Good news and bad news: The good news is that the majority of Congressional Republicans in the bay area voted AGAINST Obama’s Executive Amnesty plan. The bad news is that David Jolly and Congressman Vern Buchanan both voted with Party Leadership and House Democrats to completely cave on the promises Republican candidates made in 2014 to DEFUND Obama’s amnesty-inspired immigration plan.

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David Jolly — 202-225-5961
Vern Buchanan — 202-225-5015

The following Bay Area Congressmen voted correctly. You may want to call and thank them:

Richard Nugent — 202-225-1002
Gus Bilirakis — 202-225-5755
Dennis Ross — 202-225-1252
Tom Rooney — 202-225-5792

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